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Expert Treatment for Soft Tissue Concerns

It’s easy to take our oral health and gums for granted when nothing seems wrong. But when you’re faced with troubling problems like tongue-tie, a “gummy” smile, infection, or gum disease, the health of your smile becomes a priority. Treating your soft tissue concerns improves not only the function and aesthetics of your smile but your long-term oral health as well. Our team at Oral & Facial Surgery of North Texas invites you for soft tissue treatment in Lewisville, TX from our aesthetic oral surgeon, Dr. Richard Martin. Don’t go anywhere else for expert aesthetic and functional treatment for your soft tissue concerns!

Mastery of Soft Tissue Aesthetics

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Richard Martin has achieved the highest level of surgical training in dentistry. He’s an expert in surgical treatments, with extensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the face, including bone, muscles, and soft tissues. Unique to only a handful of oral surgeons in the country, Dr. Martin has also completed specialized training in all soft tissue techniques, specifically pertaining to smile aesthetics.

More than an oral surgeon, he is an aesthetic oral surgeon, with the artistic eye to transform how your smile looks as well as functions. Trusting your care to a master of soft tissue aesthetics will provide the results you desire, completed with incredible precision, skill, and efficiency. The beauty of your smile will be renewed; your oral function and health restored.

Select Soft Tissue Treatments

Dr. Martin provides revolutionary digital crown lengthening for your “gummy” smile. Beginning with facial photos, digital scans, and CBCT imaging, he receives assistance from his partnering dental lab to design your ideal smile. Once you’ve approved your new look, he’ll use a custom guide placed in your mouth to expertly reduce the soft tissues, so they arch gracefully over each tooth. With this streamlined procedure, we can reveal your symmetrical and beautiful new smile in one efficient appointment!

Gum disease is a dangerous and progressive gum infection that begins when bacterial plaque and tartar buildup inflame the soft tissue around teeth. Left untreated, gingivitis can progress to advanced stages characterized by irreversible bone and tissue damage, with significant risk of tooth loss. Dr. Martin treats gum disease with osseous surgery to remove diseased tissues, clean tartar from the teeth, and clear bacteria from periodontal pockets. The goal of treatment is to eliminate or reduce the pockets around teeth and minimize bacterial plaque accumulation.

Gum disease can affect your dental implants, too. Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory condition where bacteria from plaque and tartar buildup around an implant affect the surrounding tissues and bone. Treating this condition involves removing the bacteria causing infection to preserve bone and maintain the stability of your implant. Dr. Martin will clear the infection from around the implant, replace lost bone, and repair damage to healthy tissues. Restoring healthy function to these oral structures helps ensure you do not experience dental implant failure.

Too much gum tissue over the teeth can cause both aesthetic and functional concerns. A gingivectomy surgically removes the excess tissues to improve smile symmetry, correct tissue overgrowth, and manage periodontal disease. Dr. Martin takes a minimally invasive approach to gingivectomy treatment to restore proper function without damaging or removing healthy tissues.

Sometimes the frenulum, the tissue that holds the tongue and upper lip in place, restricts movement needed for oral functioning. Tongue-tie and lip-tie both have long-term consequences when not properly treated. Dr. Martin offers frenectomy, a quick procedure that loosens or removes the frenulum to allow for greater movement of the tongue or lip. Benefits of treatment include easier chewing and swallowing, speaking, and breathing.

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