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Smile Transformations in One Day

A New Quality of Life

When you envision everything that can happen in a single day, you might not realize a smile transformation can be one of them. But it’s possible with our full mouth dental implants in Lewisville, TX. Advancements in digital technology make it possible for our team to replace all your failing or missing teeth in just one day with a new smile designed to last the rest of your life! With our bespoke full arch treatment process at Oral & Facial Surgery of North Texas, you can put missing teeth and painful dentures in the past for good—and gain a new quality of life.

The Impact of a New Smile

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All-on-4 Is Your Permanent Solutions to Dentures

Experience Digitally Driven Treatment

Our full arch treatment provides you with a complete new smile by attaching a zirconia bridge of teeth to 4-6 dental implants inserted around your jawbone. With experience placing 18,000 dental implants, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Richard Martin, is well-versed in the many techniques, technologies, and materials available to replace a full arch of teeth. Due to the complexity of this treatment and individual patient needs, he develops a truly bespoke approach to your treatment. What we’ve chosen for our own protocol demonstrates superiority in quality—treatment tailored to each of our unique patients, never the other way around. With this digitally driven treatment protocol, we ensure accuracy and precision at every stage of the process.

We’re guided by state-of-the-art technology designed solely for virtual smile design, complex surgical planning, and dental implant placement. Dr. Martin leverages this technology to provide treatment that is exact, with consistently predictable results. Additionally, he hand-selects implant systems and custom materials scientifically proven to provide long-term strength, support, and aesthetics. We are not a corporate implant center offering “off the rack” solutions, and we believe the superior quality of our bespoke treatments speaks for itself. Experience the ultimate in tooth replacement by choosing our full mouth dental implants in Lewisville, TX!

Expertise for Complex Cases

By offering truly tailored treatment from such a skilled surgeon as Dr. Martin, we routinely help patients who have underlying medical conditions and those with extensive bone loss, advanced gum disease, and dental trauma. Dr. Martin has both dental and medical training, with decades of experience in all areas of oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, and office-based anesthesia. Additionally, extensive training in all soft tissue techniques uniquely qualifies him to offer aesthetic soft tissue treatments as well so your final smile can reach perfection. With exceptional qualifications, he’s also able to offer more unique treatments for complex cases, including zygomatic dental implants and partial extraction therapy. The expertise of Dr. Martin and his entire team has truly set Oral & Facial Surgery of North Texas apart in the Lewisville, TX community. We welcome you to experience the difference this makes in your treatment and future quality of life!

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What Causes an Implant to Fail and How Can It Be Fixed?

Smile Transformations in Three Phases

We begin each of our consultations with the question: “What would you like to be able to do with new teeth?” This prompt allows us to determine your sincere goals for treatment and the specific way we need to tailor your bespoke treatment plan. You’ll receive a CBCT scan and intraoral scans of your mouth. We’ll also provide a complete Digital Smile Design workup and take videos of you smiling and laughing. You’ll be able to see yourself with a new smile before any treatment begins!

You will need between 4-8 dental implants placed in your jaw to properly support your new bridge of teeth. By leveraging digitally driven treatment, Dr. Martin removes all guesswork from your procedure. We use breakthrough fixture level digital impressions and a CBCT scan to pre-plan the location of each implant. Then, using a custom fabricated surgical guide, we place the implants at the exact location, angle, and depth. This ensures the ideal positioning of the custom abutments, provisional, and your final set of teeth.

Maintaining this precision, Dr. Martin works alongside a high-quality digital lab to provide pre-milled provisionals ready to attach the day of your surgery. A unique part of treatment with us, Dr. Martin personally designs each provisional with incredible detail to fit the unique anatomy and features of each patient. Our provisionals consistently have the superior handcrafted quality to look and feel like a final prosthetic, with the durability to function like natural teeth. You’ll leave our office with new teeth that offer immediate functional and aesthetic benefits!

Healing after dental implant surgery takes 3+ months. During this time, the dental implants and bone are integrating to form a stable foundation for your final set of teeth. You’ll have natural function during this phase with your provisional, however. You can choose to remain in your provisional for up to 18 months or have your final set of teeth attached once the healing phase is complete. You and your restorative dentist can determine the best option for you.

Financing Your New Smile

We consider full mouth dental implants to be an investment in the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile. A solution that mimics healthy natural teeth also provides the greatest improvement in your confidence and quality of life. That’s why we never want patients to miss out on this opportunity for financial reasons! Financing for this solution is fast and simple through LendingClub and CareCredit®, our partnering dental financing companies.

Many of our patients choose financing to break their treatment fees into affordable monthly payments. We can also offer the option to phase out your treatment to keep these costs more manageable. Rest assured, we have the options for you and can help you find the best way to afford full mouth dental implants in Lewisville, TX! If you’re ready to begin the process of transforming your smile, contact our office to schedule a consultation or begin with our free smile preview.


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