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No matter what pediatric oral surgery your child needs, it can be a confusing and stressful time. You may have many questions and feel worried about the process and recovery. Will surgery go predictably? Who can I trust to care for my child? What are the risks? Dr. Richard Martin, our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has the answers and the gentle compassion to put you and your child at ease. Dr. Martin is one of the few oral surgeons in the Lewisville, TX area to routinely treat children and has become a leader in his community as a result—an expert surgeon with a gentle touch that countless parents before you have trusted to care for their child. If your child needs pediatric oral surgery in Lewisville, TX, such as for lip lesions or problematic teeth, he or she is in good hands with Dr. Martin and our skilled team at Oral & Facial Surgery of North Texas.

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Most likely, this is the first surgery your child will face. As parents ourselves, we understand the uncertainty you may be feeling and how this can affect your comfort level and decision making. Our team welcomes the opportunity to educate you on what you can expect for your child when preparing for the procedure and during their recovery. We encourage you to ask questions and discuss your concerns. Along with providing expert surgical care, we’re here to ensure Dr. Martin and our skilled team are an ideal choice for your child’s treatment. Our team consistently remains at the forefront of new technologies and techniques in pediatric oral surgery to provide the highest quality treatment. Our goal is to correct the following conditions with minimal scarring and maximum improvements to your child’s function, appearance, and confidence.

Mesiodens is an extra tooth inside your child’s mouth, often located behind the upper two front teeth. This tooth should be removed without delay to avoid unnecessary tooth decay, cysts, abscesses, or harm to the tongue. Mesiodens is also associated with trouble speaking and chewing, orthodontic issues, and aesthetic concerns. Removal of the tooth is generally a fast and simple process completed while your child is comfortably under anesthesia.

Dental Ankylosis is when a tooth fuses to the jawbone in an absence of the periodontal ligament to keep it within the natural tooth socket. This condition prevents the adult tooth from erupting and long-term can lead to difficulty chewing, tooth decay, gum disease, and even permanent skeletal changes. Removing this tooth when first discovered through x-ray ensures that surrounding teeth are unharmed, and the adult tooth can properly erupt.

Obstructive salivary gland disorders (when the saliva duct is blocked or cannot drain) can lead to swelling and pain in the cheeks or under the jaw. More severe symptoms can include acute pain, infection, and fever. A common treatment for this condition is a sialendoscopy, which involves making a small incision near the gland to gain access and remove the salivary stone that’s causing blockage. For more severe cases, open surgery may be required.

A narrow jaw or insufficient bone can lead to tooth crowding when permanent teeth erupt. Premolar extraction removes the teeth between the canines and molars to create more space for remaining teeth. In conjunction with orthodontic treatment, this surgery can make it possible for a patient to achieve straight teeth with proper alignment and occlusion.

When a canine tooth does not erupt or become impacted, expose and bond treatment may be necessary. Working with your child’s orthodontist, we will first wait until braces have created adequate space for the canine to fit. Then we will expose this tooth during a minor surgical procedure and attach a bracket and chain. Over time, this tooth will be guided into proper position and eliminate functional problems associated with crooked teeth or a bad bite.

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